Anonymous May 16, at 7: Thanks to Paul Atherton for creating a modified version of the script. PJA Media March 16, at 4: I havent seen a driver posted on LSI’s site, and I’m not really in the position to bring down my server to test an upgrade Its remote and the motherboard doesnt have IPMI. Does that give any clue to a solution? In case anyone wants to reference the old version it is located here. My controller in 5.

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Regarding the password – i changed it to not have the and got the same results I knew the script error was nothing to do with the password 9650se4lpml any case. Ok so far so good. Download the correct offline driver bundle: If you boot into the Bios of the card, are you able to see the LUNs you have created?

The reason this seems to happen is because of the way that the 9650ee-4lpml writes the unit status output to the lol. Anonymous June 20, at Anonymous July 26, at 1: I tried hard to get it work in esx 5.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Was your firewall rule refreshed? Any ideas how to achieve the log reporting in this way Josh?

3ware i to work with ESXIu2? (Flash it?) | ServeTheHome and Forums

So there is still an issue here. Josh Wesley March 9, at 9: Yes to all your questions Its esxi 5. Anonymous March 9, at One forther question – does this script consider all RAID units?

Anonymous May 19, at 6: Sorry for the mistake! Any ideas on what to try next are very welcome.

I got it installed just fine but there wasn’t any software that would automatically check the status of the array and email me if something was wrong. In 9650se-44lpml directory, you’ll find a script called ” vihostupdate.

Recommendations to replace 3ware 9650SE-4LPML

I didn’t even think of the differences in time formats This content has been marked as final. I used to have a 10 drive RAID 6 that would seem to verify all the time.

I do still get an error though at the end of the scrip: I am actually having a small issue with the script – I receive a duplicate e-mail with each legit one – so every status update, I ssxi 2 identical e-mails.


Comments Martijn Saturday, September 29, at Once the ISO is extracted, the contents should look like this. And you are absolutely correct on the autoverification-thing. Anonymous March 9, at 9: Yours 9650se-4opml, Paul A. Without the sleep command, openssl would just hang after about 2 lines of input.

Loading the 3ware/LSI 9650SE drivers into VMware ESXi

Once it’s open, you should be in the root directory of your vSphere CLI. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0.

Please select the SE from the Storage Adapters view in your screenshot, right click and select Rescan.