This meant that the nForce was essentially wasting all that extra memory bandwidth and when the onboard video was enabled, it used the 2. Thanks for your thoughts PeterT. We have not tested any other boards for the AMD platform that were able to do this until now. The company has two boards in the top ten and 4. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website.

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The jforce DASP now has better prefetching intelligence allowing it to correctly predict data that will be used next more correctly thus increasing efficiency. Doing straight out of the box abt an amazing feat in itself.

I tried installing a couple of games that other people have got running on Vista and they just do not run. On the other hand if it works leave it alone!! Return next week when we will focus on the AMD Socket platform and the motherboards, chips and scores that defined that particular era.

With five bit PCI slots you won’t have any problems adding in future expansion cards if desired either. The VIA KT and KT may well have been the most popular in terms of units shipped globally, but it lacked the necessary performance features that overclockers craved.


The nForce Ultra was most popular with overclockers due to its ability reach higher clock speeds with independent CPU, memory and AGP overclocking.

Motherboard Memory Lane: AMD Socket A, Abit NF7-S V and AMD Athlon +

A trip to Sounblaster gave me a Vista driver for my Audigy 2 and so all appeared well in Device manager. Barton core processors tempted enthusiasts with the promise of better performance gains thanks to a larger MB L2 cache and the prospect of a higher MHz FSB.

May 13, Posts: The combination of these two improvements to nVidia’s DASP results in very competitive performance and in some cases, a significant performance boost when using Dual DDR. This site uses cookies. Feb 3, at Something I was extremely happy to see was that the NF7-M was only using Rubycon capacitors, nothing else. I popped in the disc containing nnforce NForce 5.

It was manufactured using a nm 0. What do these 3 drivers do and do you think that I need them?

When I tried to install Vista I managed to remove all of the! Socket A motherboards supported a broad number of chipset designs that included the VIA KT and Nvidia nForce Ultra series, both popular choices with motherboard manufacturers. The lack of ability to install the Gart driver for the Abit NF7-S abot results in a system that will not play games. In the Socket A era, we find the enthusiast segment to be quite different with Abit proving to be the motherboard manufacturer of choice with abitt on HWBOT.


8-Way nVidia nForce 2 Motherboard Roundup

I always like seeing a manufacturer use components which have a good reputation for quality on their products. It indicates they care about the level of quality of their product and considering the recent failure rates surrounding some low ESR capacitors, this is an important area for the longevity of the board.

Quick summation shows that we have support for FSB processors, twinbank technology capable of nforec up to 6. Well it is true, don’t bother trying to get Vista going on an Nforce 2 board.

Motherboard Memory Lane: AMD Socket A, Abit NF7-S V2.0 and AMD Athlon 2500+

The AMD Athlon XP series arrived in and was an immediate hit with enthusiasts, offering superior performance than Intel equivalents, coupled with reasonably competitive prices. Apr 23, at 7: This is what ExtremeOvercloking.

I tried a Beta driver and the same prob. You can get rid of the SM Bus controller! The drivers that I need info on are these: To be honest, you’re not missing much.

Check out the submission from I. Feb 17, at 7: