These are in fact AirTies Air wireless extenders. Firmware image You can download the firmware image directly from the update web servers. It means out firmware image has to be compatible with the original one. My data and bills. The logic levels are 3. Security Support for technical issues Neighbourhood support Swisscom courses Shopping benefits Other topics.

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Some nvram entries that may be device specific: Firmware BIN file, 3. These are in fact AirTies Air wireless extenders.

AirTies RT-103

Download firmware Windows Firmware Download dashboard Dashboard Unlimited Data Manager Consumers are buying millions of IoT devices, from smart thermostats and security systems to intelligent entertainment setups and furniture. If you found this interesting or useful, please use the links to the services below to share it with other readers.

A lot of the original Airties web pages have been removed, but there are some still available just the top navigation menu links disabled. Mac ZIP file, 8.

AirTies RT Free Driver Download (Official) () –

Unlimited Huawei Hotspot EBsa. We will help you via telephone or chat. Instructions and software for fixed networks.


To do this, change:. I usually use google drive for sharing things like this. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.

Unfortunately they don’t have any official Access Point mode which makes it useless to me. You can also enable the buttons in the webpage via Firebug or similar they are hidden via display: Thanks for the details, I’ll sort that this evening.

The Five Pillars of Network Integrity. The functionality and list of supported Mac OS versions will be frozen as they currently stand.

What we can see in your flash:. The logic levels are airtoes. What are the hot talking points in the fixed broadband sector right now? Also sory for the u-boot cfe mixup.

AirTies RT-103 User Manual

All checks are done client-side by the Definitions. I would place myself very much at the bottom of airtiez amateur ladder so any step by step would certainly be followed but I’m confident enough to give it a go! So first of all, it seems CFE verifies kernel and rootfs: Gigabit over copper as well as fiber, software-defined access and more, Tried that and had a look around.


It means we can’t really go the easy way and for example put rootfs SquashFs the the beginning of flash block. Also do you have access to some kind of web interface by any chance? Anyway, looks like you guys have gone down a slightly different route than me hooking up a serial cable was still on my todo listbut I’ll contribute all my findings so far: Voice is far more natural, easier and faster.

Download Mac DMG file, 6. Nope we both didn’t you are the only one of us with a sky wireless booster If you dumped the images, I would share airfies on a file sharing site. Disruptions or technical problems?