Yeah I do know that I’m going on about this blind. You also seem to need, to get into the state machine paradigm and how it is realized in VHDL. Hi Afkar, if not Osman is your first name , i appreciate your politeness and understanding of my motives. Please tell me what I can use and what I cannot use from her codes? Nonetheless, thank you for the sources. If any of you guys could help me design a basic code to display a number to the LCD would really give me a jumpstart.

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However, I wish you success. Though, often people answer to questions like yours by posting code.

Basic Codes to display on LCD of Altera DE2 Board –

This requires at least a grade of knowledge which covers the issue at a level which allows one to alfera a ground. If so, then get that design to work.

It might help me get to the next step. A good survey about FPGAs at all may be found at https: Hope, thats the case with you, as otherwise the learning curve would be steeper.

The main objective here in the forum is to “help someone to help himself”. Thank you for taking the time to look into it.


Altera DE2, simple LCD Display using Verilog hdl

Hi Lothar Miller, Here are the files you requested. Then you can decide whether you can use it or not. Please don’t ask any new questions in this thread, but start a new one. And using a hardware description language needs a profound, or at least non-trivial knowledge and experience in digital electronics as well. However, I am not convinced of your course of action. Alteta only much I know of the codes, tried to get ahold of her but she seems to be overseas.

I have heard of it, this language before but I had no opportunity to learn it during my first 2 and a half years here. Is it for the same hadrware platform? Rules — de read before posting Post long source code as attachment, not in the ds2 Posting advertisements is forbidden.

If you want to receive dr2 notifications by e-mail, please log in. I was told to do ModelSim to start off. Maybe I can start from there? Contact — Data privacy information — Advertising on EmbDev. To well give us the ‘feeling’ of how learning on your own feels.


As for me, I have some knowledge of C altefa as I have learned it since the start of year 1 but in alternate semesters.

One you must keep in mind: But as I said: Watch this topic Disable multi-page view. Thats, what I expect you to need for the project.

Altera DE2 Project lcdlab3

But if you simple want to copy some code you can try to adapt this here to your board: Ve2 natural that, in the beginning, the amount of details seems overwhelming and unmanageable. I would say, you should start very earlier: But, – I am sorry – the fact that you where assigned a project without having any experience or knowledge, is at least in need of an explanation.

I have read on some article but I’m still lost and clueless as ve2 is to be done. Theor Guest Posted on: Another case are issues, where one is quite educated regarding an issue but misses a single detail.