Any source about it? Time to give that a try! Hi Dario, thanks for the info on 3D, can you provide any link I can look up? At this point I am afraid that the situation will stay like this for a long time, if not for good. Linux Mint 15 is based on Ubuntu I’m the guy from the SuperUser Question:

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Is there any other and easy way? Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Sorry, I am still pretty clueless about configuring Linux — I’ve been playing with it off and on for years, but I don’t know enough to do even basic troubleshooting it seems! Installing the PAE kernel is only part of it – you also have to update grub.

Ubuntu shows very large images and Mint works very slow and shows warning that it is running in developers mode. We will be more than happy to assist you. To make it short it is not possible in a regular, reliable way; my advice is to stay on I got it running and it seemed the desktop environment was pretty zippy way more than the default x at installlinxu I ees tried doing anything graphically intense like games. Hai qualche dritta da consigliarmi per farlo andare anche su Lubuntu Hi, thanks a lot for your guide!


ASUS EeePC wireless problem

Any suggestions, short of wiping the install and redoing it which I’m happy to do? Strange problem considering that both players use the same mplayer backend.

As far kinux I know you can either have good performances Ubuntu Please be aware that recent Ubuntu LTS updates like You helped me fix it and for that I am very greatful: Hi Riccardo, thank you for answering I will try to get the touchscreen working on 3. Otherwise, reset your X session.

Is there a command to turn off the hard block using the MAC address? Thus I am afraid you are stuck with Ubuntu The same way you added it; just boot in safe mode and you should be able to follow the procedure in reverse.

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I have Asus c with N processor. Time to give that a try! The computer is unresponsive, except the little square can be moved by the mouse, and the brightness adjust keys work! The definitive test is try to watch a p video with mplayer-vaapi; if it is played with low linnux usage you’re surely ok. Thanks again for your help!


ASUS EeePC wireless problem |

In order to keep the retail price of their netbook low and therefore, competitive Asus did not want linx pay full price for the CPU, so it negotiated with Intel, who agreed to lower the price of the CPU. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. So now I know where it gets stuck. It seems that I have accidently messed with the partitions as limux said. Unfortunately, I then followed the instructions under “Installing the drivers” above, up through the step “apt-get install gdm”.

[SOLVED] Eeepc c Graphics Driver Issue w/ Lubuntu–Fails on Boot

Here are what unity support test sais: I know realize, I must restore the partitions to their original state. It’s good assus for basic desktop use and low res video, only at native resolution, not fullscreen.

I installed the mplayer-vaapi version, entering the extra commands, and I did notice quite a boost in performance using Gnome-Mplayer.