JavaJake, your initial suspicion was indeed on the money. Thanks for all the help though! Is there actually a way to make this graphics chip work in 3d? I attach my Xorg. When and I mean when you run into an error, please post it. This HOWTO is completely based on my limited experience, so I am open to suggestions about different situations that may come up! I’m don’t know much about the video card, sorry.

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Did the card freeze after Part 1, or did it just work? I just don’t understand why this is.

Your browser security needs to be updated

Once you remove those commented out parts, you’ll find our configuration is almost exactly the same! Also looks like https: In there I mentioned that, when I tried Edgy Knot 1 OK, so that’s old, but it should be a pretty good indication, right? Under the section “Module” Added: Otherwise, you should use something different. If you do have a Compaq laptop, then there’s good news – it’s I don’t know what to say.


That should do it. The ati drivers include radeon. I still have to test Massive 3d usage thought.

September 1, – Thanks to Eladan Added a paragraph and note after the “apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri”, etc. But now I can with 3D accel. xti

mobioity At this time, I don’t know how to log in as root in normal boot to test. I do not remember ever installing and lsmod grep flgrx didn’t show it, but after following this guide 3d started to work. It could be you messed something up in your xorg. Oddly enough I got direct rendering working a few days ago on mine, but after yesterday’s Edgy update everything seems to be broken. Than I saw a tip: Anyway to do that? This will be fixed in the near future, but caution is recommended.

It only reduces them, and enables 3D Acceleration! Radeon M6 LY If you find any other cards that work with this tutorial, let me know.

ATI Radeon goes mobile –

mobikity You shouldn’t have a complete crash with glxinfo. You don’t neccessarily want to decrease preformance unless you have to. I’ll do some other tests and post results later. I guess the other guy’s suggestion was right after all can’t remember his name.


ATI Mobility Radeon M6

The video card just doesn’t have enough memory to handle it. Without logs or an idea of how to help, all I can do is redirect you to the atj list http: Your welcome, though really you figured it out in the end yourself. Also, Radeoj added a section everyone needs to follow – a bug is hanging around that will cause your card to crash randomly. Check to be sure you are using “Driver radeon” in xorg.

I’ve follow the instruction correctly but when I type in the consolle: If your mobilihy is stable right now with all games, please do not try my instructions! Yea, run the following command exactly as shown. Static buffer allocation failed.