Running openGL programs or compositing makes it appear very readily, though. Hopefully someone from the CC list may be able to help? At your will, I will give you remote login to the notebook for any kind of testing you so desire. Radeon RX Laptop. GeForce GT Desktop. Currently have this running Xubuntu

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I had already gotten a new laptop at the time it was reported, and I don’t have access to the old hardware anymore. Comment 79 Alex Deucher Click Here linjx receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. Comment 56 Nicolas Delvaux Ps im using opensuse Here is the Xorg log. I have the Gateway LTu, which is I have not yet applied Alex’s patch, but I recently tried playing with the gartsize and vramlimit options. I’d suggest that you try Ubuntu from a Live USB just to see if this issue xxpress still there when you run Ubuntu live or if it’s something that appears when you install via Wubi.

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View 5 Replies View Related Fedora:: So, sorry if this question is very easy It still doesn’t work. Then I upgraded to Tumbleweed d1270.


HD Graphics Braswell. Peachy 4, 7 28 Either way, it brought the garbage to a usable level, and still allowed acceleration.

Comment 23 d4ddi0 Below is the layout of my build This bug has the following behaviors: I’m new to OpenSuse. I like ubuntu to much and it will be shame to go back to windows again.

Radeon RX X Laptop. Just installed it in my laptop.

It is fair for ALL kernels that I tested 3. NVidia Drivers Installed – Graphics Errors Using Firefox May 6, Sometimes, in Firefox, after looking a video and closing the corresponding tab, a still picture xpreess the video appears in other tabs, even in some other applications than Firefox e.

I’m using Ubuntu 9. Search on Google using your card name, modeland “Linux”. Find More Posts by soundpete. If it helps, this is definitely a sideport ram issue, and disabling sideport ram in the BIOS fixes the problem — however, many BIOSes do not allow you to do this.

Radeon R2 Stoney Ridge. Only freshly booted or freshly hibernated under go it and as time passes these surfaces are eventually clear, except for those that never get a chance of rewrite, like fonts textures in gnome-shell.


Dell Latitude D531

This locates your drivers for you. Join our community today! Jan 30, I’ve found that whenever I play a 3D game on Ubuntu, the graphics go crazy and make the game unplayable. Just need to get bluetooth up and running, then I have complete compatibility with Linux.

Currently have this running Xubuntu If setting the vramlimit does work I’m unable to test it at this point since I no longer have the hardware than that’s a reasonable option. I’m a beginner to Ubuntu and I tried it on my desktop PC and it’s fantastic, fast and fun!