Didn’t bother with the included software as it appears to be junk. Plugged in the device and my linux system recognized it immediately. Now, you can use the software that comes with it AC Box Combo to test it, but there are better programs out there. Now for my recommendations: A great part if you want to tinker with recording or modeling on a PC.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. You also have to disable your internal audio card via Device Manager not remove, just disable and enable it again later on.

Setting up the Behringer Guitar Link UCG on windows | Daniel Duque Campayo

CF0 – Windows 7 32 bit Outdated or Corrupted drivers: Other than that, I am afraid I can not help you much, it just means behringfr is not working. I have had mine inserted into the AUX input of my practice amp with good results and into a PA with even better results.

The Behringer needs to be plugged in to configure these settings. Now you can happily record yourself playing. It also worked on BandHub, only the former includes a guitar amp simulator, while the latter picks just the bare guitar sound. To learn more about Tracktion, visit tracktion. After downloading and installing Behringer Guitar Link Ucg, or the driver installation manager, take a few minutes to send us a report: I also bought the UCG but cannot seem to download the software for it.


Close the window to exit out of the ASIO configuration. I have just bought the guitar link and have wasted heaps of time bi to get it to work.

Behringer Guitar Link Ucg Driver Download Version

Also, the interface will only send output audio through the headphone port on the device itself. Old School Meets Cutting Edge. Please try again later or contact the administrator. I use Guitar Rig 4. Awesome Ucg012 for the price Simple interface and amazing performance,records well and can be used with multiple effects softwares.


When the device is set to Behringer, input is the guitar lead en output is the headphone out on Behringer with the crappy sound. Also, it would also seem a good idea to buy this thingy in a place that admits refunds, in case it does not work at all. Install the drivers with the device plugged in! I just did something similar myself, re-installing my windows 7 from scratch, and I had to fiddle a lot with the asio4all controls.

For those not familiar with Guitar Rig; this software is fantastic! This with a software like audacity and maybe say amplitube or guitar rig and you will never need to invest again for your dream sound. With Audacity you can: Very conservative way to play, listen, and record guitar. You have to have some level of technical understanding in order to use it. I am on windows 7 x64 and pretty tech savvy, so the 64 guittar driver installation wasn’t hard but if you aren’t tech behringger, get someone to help you install the 64 bit driver if you’re on windows 7.


Fortunately this one is very accurate. Finally my PC got up to speed! I love this device 5 Stars! Select your rating 5.

Behringer Guitar Link Ucg102 Driver Download

Forget the pack in software, get AmpliTube. For interface, select ASIO. I have been playing with this for about 3 weeks now. Some people may find it tricky guitxr get the software set up correctly with whatever amp simulator you are using, but as far as the physical device goes: I am sorry, I see from your screen capture your setup is almost identical to mine.