If you forgot to connect the cable, you can use the dpkg-reconfigure command to quickly configure your printer. I googled “Brother QL linux” found this: Setting up qlcupswrapper 1. Click “Set Printer Options” and set the media size. It only printed the last two characters and stopped.

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Download the Brother printer driver package for your model from the Brother Solutions Center at support. Login as a superuser or use “sudo” option if it is required Step 2.

To connect your Brother printer to a network, you must configure the printer’s IP address or node name using the following command: I added a –fromfile command line argument to it to get around the between-label feed issue for a job that needed hundreds of labels. Brother’s Linux drivers for labellers are here – they usually provide excellent Linux support but the PTPC is absent from this list.

I mailed the author and got the program. I’m not sure how large you can get it, the labeller only ilnux with a sample tape and replacement tapes are quite expensive so I didn’t experiment around.


As time went by, I started tweaking the program, made a more or less practical GUI with Glade, switched from GD to Pango ph-2430pc font rendering and added some features I saw in screenshots of the Brother’s included software. Click “Set Printer Options” and set the media size. In few hours, I came up with a simple GTK2-perl script that had two fields for inputting text, which it then rendered with GD.

Unpacking qllpr from qllpr After some experimentation, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a firmware bug in the printer itself, the data I’m sending is valid. Setting up qlcupswrapper 1.

P-Touch 2430 PC unter Linux

Install the dependencies using: To print using a network-connected printer: I was actually amazed how simple the printer’s imaging language was. Aibara 6, 6 32 Unpacking qlcupswrapper from qlcupswrapper I have installed this source to get. I’d never edited Perl before today, but it seems to work!

The time now is Nicklas Pedersen 6 1 2. One note of caution – do not use 72 point Sans. I googled “Brother QL linux” found this: November 1st, 2. Note that you need atleast Ubuntu 9.


Make sure that any other printers are disconnected. P-touch editor for Ubuntu Run blabelset the fonts and the correct printer in case you have others aswelltype some text and linyx print. You’re not the bfother one to hit that problem.

Configure your printer as described in step 5. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

P-Touch PC unter Linux

The earlier versions of Pango lack some of the features this program uses. I have tried Pt-2430pd with. I hope you find it useful aswell.