For more information about security groups, see Security groups on page Encrypt database with password optional; Alchemy Content Management Suite ACMS users only Select this option to use the database-level password to encrypt the database. To continue using your Alchemy product, you must purchase a permanent product license. Click OK to access the database. In order to be able to start and stop the Alchemy Server service, members of the Alchemy Server Administrator group must also be added to a local computer group with sufficient rights on the computer on which Alchemy Server is installed. The Alchemy Services Account page appears.

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Single-user mode is the default for Alchemy Search clients that are installed or run from supported removable media that contain databases. See the appropriate Microsoft documentation regarding the installation of the MMC version 1. NET Framework on your computer.

You do not need to separately install the Audit Logging Service on the computer where you install the Alchemy Content Management Server. You should perform the Transfer License procedure prior to removing an Alchemy component if you intend to reinstall the application on another computer. Captaris does not support the creation of packages. If you assigned a different port number cqptaris the Alchemy Server service, captars Change and type that port number in the Port box.


Easy client deployment ONLY supports the creation of an answer file, which can be used by a software distribution program to deploy installation packages over networks. The ALG will search the database for the site code that matches the one you entered, correct the email oxbc and email your license number to you.

Help with Linked Server via ODBC

Next Click to display the next document in the Tree View pane. ALT, which represents the Alt key on the keyboard. To do this you must know the location and file name of the database you want to clone. To install Alchemy Search from supported removable storage media: You can’t edit other events.

This material briefly explains how information is stored in Windows. It interfaces with the Linux system to access.

Alchemy Install & Licensing Guide

NOT A Boolean connector used in search criteria. As a result, Alchemy does not require any special database administrator training. Repeat this process for each item listed on the License page. For example, File Print means you should click on the File option obc the menu bar, and then select Print from the drop-down menu.

Although it is not required, Captaris recommends that you do the following prior to installing your remaining Alchemy applications and services: The software described in this guide is furnished under a software license or nondisclosure agreement. Folders automatically expand when the previous document is displayed.


Not selecting this option is convenient if database users have access to captafis files on a network location. Technical Support Japan End user support services are provided locally by the reseller.

NET Framework to the version of. Instead, the Alchemy Services Account page appears. When you receive your licensing email, enter the license number from the email into the License Number field on the Web Licensing Server dialog box for your Alchemy product and click Finish. Support is offered Monday to Friday, from 6 A. Other products and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

This is especially vital for any organization that must: The ALM Licensing page appears.

Alchemy Install & Licensing Guide |

Compress data containers By default, Alchemy is set to automatically compress all files. Enter the location where you want to transfer your product license s in the Enter Transfer Location box, or click Browse to find the location.

Select the items odbv wish to license.