The main problems are the spotty wireless performance and the killer, the touchpad. I cant stand the touchpad-I think its terrible. I miss my old work D, I’m hoping my co-worker trades me for a D What Notebook Should I Buy? Similar Threads – Dell Latitude E In fact, that’s how I use it. It’s too bad, because the 15″ high-res LED screen is great, and the whole thing is reasonable light, so I might have considered buying another if it weren’t for the input problems.

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Dell Latitude E6400/6500 Touchpad is Bad, how to make it less bad

Why can’t dell give us new gestures like my Asus Mini EEE pcwith two finger scrolls instead of the outdated side scrolling on the touch pad? They’ve frozen on me probably twice in 6 months, and even with the sensitivity turned all the way toouchpad to lightest touchit’s fine with me. The touchpad is usable now it doesn’t freeze and it tracks much better. With the launch of Windows 7, I thought that I’d give the new touchpad drivers a try.

Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop Palmrest Touchpad Mouse Buttons TN281

I also removed the dell driver and am running on the windows driver and they both still suck. Ever since I got my E, I kept thinking I got a bad lattitude as the pointing stick is very choppy and just sucks.


HerrKaputtOct 25, If there was a better way to change the drivers and make this thing work better, then I would keep it. I mean, this trackpad can’t do anything more than my 5 year old Inspiron can. Dell latitude E bencSep 3,in forum: Ddll I made the assumption that all touch-pad’s and point sticks are the same.

In any case, just ditch the touchpad drivers altogether and see what you think if the current touchpad drivers leave you frustrated. I don’t think that the drivers are that bad. What an amazing difference!

I finally settled in on the E because we are a Dell shop and that back-lite keyboard is really cool. You can adjust the sensitivity in the DellTPad application. The touch pad isn’t bad but def not good. Going from a Thinkpad T42p almost 5 years old to the E was a big downgrade. The touchpad on my Cell is terrible.

Dell Latitude E/ Touchpad is Bad, how to make it less bad | NotebookReview

I know i’m one of the few, but I like the Latitude because they both a touch pad and a pointing stick but mostly because of the pointing stick. Yes, my password is: Normally I wouldn’t care, but lstitude having a terrible nav system really stinks more than I thought it would. Tthe worst part about it is how sensitive it is.


Do dell replace the battery’s in refurbished latitudes on the outlet? I debated for months on whether to get an e or a Thinkpad T What Notebook Should I Buy? Hi, This is not the newest topic but it’s been well described that the Latitude E series’ touchpad is crappy. Is the touchpad on the Vostro line in Canada the same or is it better?

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Where are all the cool de,l that Apple has? I miss my old work D, I’m hoping my co-worker trades me for a D Similar Threads – Dell Latitude E I have compensated with using the up and down arrows to scroll after increasing the keyboard’s repeat key rate to the fastest possible setting. Log in or Sign up.

HipendicularOct 27, Just a public service announcement since Dell will not ever fix these drivers.