No such file or directory What I should do to install driver correctly? In the past it often was a burden to get this going, in the latest releases of the software these drivers are delivered with the installation of the software. In trying to get I’ll provide here the installation procedure on an Ubuntu Disconnect the cable and make sure that you have administrator privileges.

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I also faced the same issue. A condensed version of the linked instructions with some of the buried information explicitly specified: You’ll still need the kernel source as well, like my original solution pointed out. The downloaded software package is wrapped in format.

I downloaded and believe I have installed the Digilent SW drivers correctly, the install program installed files in: All you need is to run the command djtgcfg and see whether your boards pop up. Check out this blog. Successfully reloaded UDEV rules.

Below is an example of the text that will appear in the terminal window while the drivers are installed: The equivalent age for Ubuntu is around 9. Privacy policy About eLinux. Was this Answer Record helpful? Digilent Cable Drivers Installer Checking for prerequisite: If you have problems, please check that you have not done any misstake on the primary installation. The installation program checks if FTDI drivers are already available on the machine and if not installs them.


Digilent USB-JTAG connection on linux – Community Forums

The command digikent get it is: Email Required, but never shown. New USB device strings: You can see my OS knows a xilinx usb device is attached and usbdev works correctly. I solved this problem by this enviroment setting.

While Ubuntu is not one of the officially supported operating systems for Xilinx tools http: I type this command in terminal sudo. We have detected your current browser version is not the latest one.

Install Xilinx USB cable drivers for Ubuntu

Depending on the device you’re going to be working with, you need to pick a version of the LabTools that is at least By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy uzb, Privacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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No such file or directory compilation terminated. Here is the new link: To make jtqg 1. I cannot connect the debugger to the target platform. These drivers and method of using them is verified with ISE One of our forum members, Sven Andersson, has a blog where he goes through the process of building a ZedBoard design.


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It is possible to specify a directory path here for the installation of the drivers, but normally you can just accept the default given path. On a bit host, you will digillent to get bin86 and dev86 packages. Try downloading those files from Xilinx website. Can you help to check this?