The board is dark green. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Despite their costy professional cards, game video cards from ELSA are already comparable with their competitors, and the cards for cheap market cost within the bounds of “noname” cards. Windows 98 SE; Monitor: PCB provides a blank space for a jack for digital monitors. Let’s start with 2D-graphics. Video 3Digests Video cards:

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However, we should notice that ELSA ensures high quality reliable products, flawless drivers and good guarantee. The chips of memory are produced by Samsung and works at MHz.

Geforce2mx ELSA Gladiac MX AGP ATX Graphics Card

Color settings can be adjusted independently: When we wrote about GeForce based cards with SDR, we mentioned that the bandwidth of video cards is a major bottleneck. The chipset worked at MHz, the memory was at MHz.

To all appearances, NVIDIA recommends all manufacturers to use only heat sinks since there is no much overheat of the chip. DVC can’t be enabled. There is every reason to expect some performance gain when at high frequencies in bit color, and considerable increase in bit color.

Best Price For GeForce2MX Elsa Gladiac MX AGP ATX – Cheap Graphics Cards

These result were expected because of a slow video memory. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: As tests show, this card yields to no one of its analogs. ELSA is proud that it uses only selected components which were carefully tested in their labs. Though judging by other reviews, the board is shipped in a standard ELSA box with a usual set: With these tools we will show you the video card performance via two main Eksa. Let’s start with 2D-graphics.


BioShock Infinite and Metro: Video 3Digests Video cards: For a long time the company specialized in rather expensive professional video cards, and only 2 years ago it flowed into mainstream market.

glsdiac Whatever powerful a graphics processor is, it can’t realize what it’s capable of with a slow video memory. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

ELSA Gladiac MX Review

Note that ELSA card worked with minimum additional cooling there was only one additional fan in the system block. Though the saddest thing is a relatively slow SDR-memory. The cards of this class are intended for a sector of relatively cheap computer systems, goadiac they possess everything for comfort work and games.

By Andrew Worobyew ELSA company has entered world market not so long ago, though in Germany and even in Europe it’s well-known for its monitors and video cards. The considered version is based glafiac reference driver 5.

Despite their costy professional cards, game video cards from ELSA are already comparable with their competitors, and the cards for cheap market cost within the bounds of “noname” cards. We’ll consider the drivers more in depth since some settings are not standard. Unfortunately, its products cost much, that’s why it makes difficult to compete against products of asian background. PCB provides a blank space gladiqc a jack for digital monitors.


ELSA Gladiac MX Review

But the slow memory makes the cards relatively cheap. You see that the disbalance of such cards is even more higher. Installation and drivers Now comes a practical part of our review.

The board is dark elea. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. First of all it concerns bit color, for which a video memory’s bandwidth appears the greatest bottleneck. Windows 98 SE; Monitor: