With all necessary data resident in printer memory, imaging speed increases. Print a Test Card, and compare value with label on related print head. Card Handling Process Also known as a shim card and generally limited to single code parking operations. E Command – Write Single Track The Wiegand card reader uses a magnetic coil that picks up the flux reversal characteristics of the wires and converts them to binary pulses.

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Eltron offers models for recording on either low- or high-coercivity magnetic card stripes.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Downloads: C Command – Adjust Color Contrast A manually operated reader with a long narrow channel slot through which the magnetic stripe edge of the card is pushed. Encoder Read-Write heads require this kind of cleaning. These settings either enable or disable the benefits of the Expanded Memory option.

Step 4 Ribbon Loading Ribbon loading involves the placement of the prepared ribbon onto the Supply and Take-up spindles. Also canned air requires a very careful usage. Personal Identification Number, encrypted pp500 the magnetic stripe encoding on a financial card.

Zebra Eltron Pi ID Printer w/ Lam PiU | ID Wholesaler

Sample Max Command Sequences A 25 Operation Cards just removed from the media packaging typically have accumulated an electrostatic charge. If Anomalies appear, refer to Appendix A, Troubleshooting.


Brochures p5500 Download Brochure. Encoder Default Configuration A receiver picks up a resonating frequency and activates the code deciphering system. From this point on, the dialogs differ between Windows 95 and Windows 3. Rb Command – Set Rejected Box Unlike dye sublimation, no in-between conditions exist to produce a gray scale within each dot.

Zebra Eltron P/P/P Card Printer Driver r3 – Windows 95/98 | Zebra

See Section 3, Clearing Media Jams. Zebra Eltron Pi Description The Pi Zebra printer is a robust, duplex color card printer with built-in laminator that provides fast, easy production of long-life plastic cards for high volume applications. Sf Command – Synchronize Film overlaminate eltrom Oy Command – Print Offset Y-axis To clean the Card-Feed Rollers, proceed as follows: If not, consider either another printer location or a more frequent cleaning.

The upper roller has a Cleaning Rollers coating that collects any loose particles on the surface of cards. Bits per inch; the encoding density of a magnetic stripe. Neglect in performing recommended cleaning procedures can void your warranty, as can improper packaging and shipping.


Tf Command – Film Type Optically coded cards depend upon varying transparency densities arranged in rows, columns, or spots, read by a system of light sources and photo detectors.

During the first few print cycles, watch for card jams or feed failures.

Zebra Eltron P500 Manuals

Basic Command Syntax To gain access to initially unexposed arStep 2 eas, cycle the roller by applying the printer power while holding the Panel Button on for three 3 seconds see Test Card sequence in preceding description Let the roller air dry for two 2 or more minutes.

This produces the Install From Disk dialog. Initiate a Test Card sequence. Black Resin panels primarily serve to print bar-codes and fonts.

Full color cards are printed and laminated at a rate of more than cards per hour and feature transparent enclosures for monitoring the printing process. The property of a magnetic material which resists demagnetization, measured by the maximum value of its coercive force.