I must apologize for not being more specific. I am going to do some Googling while you test. LoadStaus 3 , [ Thanks for the help chili. So, I converted a friends laptop to Ubuntu and he wants to strengthen his wifi signal through this usb antenna-like device.

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Module u not found. The result was a new command line. Should it have a. But your advice should translate.

Autoload OK [ LoadFWStatus 3enngenius 0 [ What does this tell us? Remove the driver you have now temporarily: It did ‘make’ without error, but that is a great big pile-o-warnings!

EnGenius EUB9603H

The link light is blinking on the device. Sorry if this ends up waisting your time. Now was a wireless interface created?

Most of us won’t need the. You and people linuxx you are why Ubuntu is awesome LoadFWStatus 1rtStatus 0 [ Grep prints out the same result as before.


EnGenius EUBH – WikiDevi

On it now, I’ll let you know how it comes out. Please insert the device and run: The first is that you can’t compile, at least no way I know of, a file with spaces in linyx name; hence the rename.

Now I just complete the steps above? His antenna is in the mail and I’m glad to have a solution to work with when ebu9603 arrives. So, is that it or or are there any tests I should run? Help me keep this guy with Ubuntu by taking care of this issue.

You don’t need the EUB LoadStaus 1[ If you installed the latest version, Natty I just need to know how to where to extract this. I did sudo modprobe u.

I got as far as “sudo make install’ and got this: I should use the attached file in that thread. We have to flail about and experiment. If you are determined to find out, please do: If you are running Ubuntu Though, the website says it’s the linux drivers. Right-click the folder that is created and select Rename.


Frankly, you have no way that I can find, to determine the age of the driver in the file you downloaded. It says on the left of the site that it’s linux drivers