There would either be no border, or too big a border, and sometimes the paper would appear to load and the printer would print, but the paper never even loaded. My printer quit printing , while looking with a flashlight i noticed a clear tube the had ink in it, i tore apart the entire thing, to get at that little hose unplugged it crusty ink hooked it back up, and turned on The procedure described by Paul, does indeed work and “reset” the printer. If I cant fix it I would look to buy the same or similar model. I expected it to last a little longer, but I should have known better. My cx was printing and scanning ok when a co worker decided to use the reset process as described on this site.

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They will print, but without ANY accuracy at all.

The cartridges are brand new. Thank you so much for your instructions which worked perfectly and my printer is now working. This number must be quoted on all returned goods so that the goods can be properly identified.

Epson CX Driver & Downloads

HELP the other colors wont print. I epon ammonia mixed with water and cleaned out 2 areas full of dried ink, and the pink works great with good print quality, does anyone know how i can get the other colors and black to print? I wish it were wireless, but when I got it that was not a priority. Customers may return specified goods without reason within this period for a refund. My priciple motivation for buying my first Canon is quality and engineering integrity.


Reviews: Epson-Stylus-CXAll-In-One-Inkjet-Printer | eBay

The head seems to sfylus printing but nothing comes out on paper. My printer epson bxf. Again, I’m so grateful. The Canon has 7 individual color cartridges.

Epson CX6600 Driver

C66000 power or lights. When try a message saying the scan cannot be found appears. Thanks for all your posts and help. Scanner has a higher resolution and has a fax ability. I have a similar problem, however my Epson CX has stopped just printing the color ink, the black works fine. I can report that it has the best ink system that I’ve ever seen. You can hear the heads maneuvering under the hatch, but no ink.

There is no ink printing on the paper but the ink levels indicate the ink levels are going down.

epson cx6600 needs reseting

Paul – you’re an absolute star! A goods return number obtained from the seller must be clearly shown on the returned parcels.

What brand of printer is best? Any help in finding a direction would be appreciated. He loves the printer.


Yesterday I thought my CX was bound for the scrap heap, today it’s perfect again ‘ first time ‘ after pushing a few buttons as per Paul’s epsoh. Where does one purchase the ink absorbing sponge? Stylus CX66 This all-in-one center was extremly easy to use. Again, the resetting of the CX didn’t alleviate the problem and I’m only now starting to address the issues with the HP’s.

See your printer’s documentation for details. After I reset c6600 printer the first message continues to come up look at the adjuster level, regarding envelopes.

I now have it reset but need to change the waste ink pads.

You can erase the message by resetting the hardware. Other than speed it seems to be a fine low usage, home type of printer. I nearly went out to buy a new sthlus. I think I might have a winner with the Canon.