Share This Page Tweet. This means you forgot to append the chain file to the certificate. DirectAdmin is faster, safe and more powerful than any other CP. Otherwise, the string is expanded at the time the transport is run, and must yield either a digit string or a name which can be looked up using getpwnam. After years of working through the most complex server challenges our team has gathered valuable expirience and universal solutions suitable for everyday tasks. Send yourself an e-mail, see if it arrives.

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The command is run directly, not via a shell. Houston,Tx cPanel Access Level: This is a mandatory option, which must be set.

Exim+Dovecot+Sieve via LMTP

Noted this behavior occurring a few weeks ago, glad to see it is being addressed. Note pmtp the IMAP certificate is generated in the dovecot section further down.

It may also be caused by the certificates being missing or a typo in the location in the configuration file. L,tp 20, Messages: This way, Exim will route messages through a pipe if it’s destined for a mailing list.

The other end in this case dovecotshould have a similar stunnel4 setup. Here is an example of a typical LMTP transport: Mailman is a mailing list server. Share This Page Tweet. The problem may also be caused by not restarting exim4 wxim Debian-exim to the ssl-cert group.


You should get it in your mailbox.

This will likely block much legitimate e-mail, but if you want to forward to the big players, it’s nearly mandatory to do. Otherwise, the string is expanded at the time the transport is run, and must yield either a digit string or a name which can be looked up using getgrnam. Yes, my password is: DirectAdmin is faster, safe and lktp powerful than any other CP. I also had to add Code:.

SOLVED – Why can’t LMTP be disabled? | cPanel Forums

I too have had this problem on multiple servers since the upgrade to cpanel However, the whole point of lmtp is to be able to pass a single copy of a message with more than one recipient, so batch should normally be set to something other than the default.

You must log in or sign up to post here. The result of expansion must be the name of a Unix domain socket. Mail queues are an inherent requisite of SMTP. Otherwise, do this on the host s where you want to run your dovecot.

I had messages back up on servers and they were all cleared out in less than an hour after the fix. The exact scenario is that the email is sent to an address at a domain hosted by us, but it is not a mailbox, just a direct forward to a gmail account. Make sure you have it in your sources list and preferably in lmt unattended-upgrades list.


LMTP/Exim – Dovecot Wiki

This delivers up to 20 addresses at a time, in a mixture of domains if necessary, running as the user exim. Make sure dovecot-ldap is installed.

We are here to lend you a helping hand and take llmtp of your servers in order to let you have enough time to do more of what you love. Jan 15, Messages: This makes exij that nobody can connect more than 6 times per minute to your SMTP server. In this case, install all packages on the same machine, do not use disk encryption, because your mail server will be unreachable after a power failure. Here I left the recompilation on how to do it: Also see the troubleshooting section.

Here’s some additional information from our Mail FAQ document: