Card came with firmware version 5. Initiator mode is required, if for access to disks or tape is over fiber channel connected to QLogic cards. In my setup I haven’t flashed the firmware. It is strongly recommended that you use the firmware available from ispfw 4 as it is the most likely to have been tested with this driver. To disable FC-Tape, use the following configuration option:

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On subsequent reboots the firmware fails to initialize and throws isp0: Dunno, but I’d try it. Card came with firmware version 5.

Free forum by Nabble. After reading through the ctladm man page, I found the commands to bring the port online. All FreeNAS can do in such case is wait. ZFS and FreeNAS are somewhat more difficult than other options might be, because they are designed to burn resources to get you awesomeness. Installation of prerequisite packages In order to use the web based GUI apache needs to be installed on the system. Moreover i have seen the issue on older firmware 5.

freebsd-drivers – QLogic 24xx FC HBAs not working fine with CAM Target Layer

This site uses cookies. Next, the CAM target layer daemon ctld needs a configuration file that will describe what resources to serve. If you update the firmware, you have to take into account the changes that occured in the intervening firmware releases.


Then test and hope for the best. So that really is what you want to do. The current problem other than it takes an eon to boot the san and vmware and have them play nicely together is that when writing to the san.

That could be esxi, linux, omnios, bsd, even windows. In reply to this post by Ken Merry.

esxi 5.5, qlogic hba freebsd rdm drama in my jungle

The node that serves a storage resource over the network is the Target, and the consumer of the storage resource is the Initiator. Footer About Us Privacy Policy. I don’t think it affects what is actually flashed onto the board.

I’d play with those lego’s and see what qlogiv can do.

From the above output, it is clear that isp0 is not online. Attached scsi generic sg3 type 0 [ Thanks for trying even if overly sarcastic.

For Fibre Channel cards in Local Loop topologies it is strongly recommended that you set this value to non-zero. Note that if there are any syntax errors in the ctl. The newer 2-Gigabit cards, and 4-Gigabitare also supported. It is strongly recommended that you use the firmware available from ispfw 4 as it is the most likely to have been tested with this driver.


That is at odds with running it on your typical virtualization platform, which is trying to share resources to make effective use frebsd limited resources.

FC-Tape is highly recommended for connections to tape drives that support it. Joined Jul 25, Messages Thanks Want to link to this manual page? If you know what changed between the firmware version compiled into the ispfw module and the one you want to run, you can make any necessary driver modifications. The isp 4 driver at least is somewhat tied to a given firmware revision.

Can you get esxi to play very nicely with that qlogic controller?