Kartica je od aluminija. Even when applied generously, these equalizers exhibit sweet forgiveness and superb audio quality. Audio Pro Artist d. Recenzija koju sam dosta davno pisao na jednom portalu. Ne savjetujem copy paste.

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Our “one-knob” compression is available on all mono channels and is easy to operate, even for entry-level users. These state-of-the-art mic pres represent a major step in the evolution of audio technology-and they can easily hold their own, even when compared to the most expensive stand-alone mic preamps.

We’re glad you asked. The onboard stereo 9-band graphic equalizer, which can be assigned to the main or monitor buses, provides superb system EQ and works in conjunction with the FBQ feedback detection circuitry to eliminate annoying mic squeals.

Danas je to samo jedno “veliko ime” koje je zabrljalo Free Would Be Nice! But modern technology has put personal recording well within the reach of virtually anyone with access to a computer. Which brings us to software…. Odaberite jedan od modela sa oznakom “wireless ready” integracije te budite spremni za ueb novu ULM seriju USB mikrofona – prvim mikrofonima te vrste u glazbenoj industriji.

Behringer Xenyx Q502USB mikser

Those legendary mixing desks soon became the envy of engineers and producers all over the world. Time-based functions can be entered manually by pressing the Tap button in tempo with the music.


Fender je tu recimo znao podosta puta zabrljati. I obavezno kupite stalak. Sublimely Musical British EQ The British consoles of the s and ’70s changed the sound of rock and roll-without them the British Invasion might not have happened.

File:Behringer IAXEBK Centari USB – Wikimedia Commons

Kupili ste ovaj artikl? Nadam se da ce u paru zadovoljiti i potrebe najzahtjevnijih. XENYX USB Series mixers are designed to handle your live gigs, and they provide the state-of-the-art tools you need to make stunning, professional-quality recordings.

Those legendary mixing desks soon became the envy of engineers and producers all over the world. Premda scarlett mic treba napajanje. Da bi ste ostavili recenziju morate biti prijavljeni.

Behringer Xenyx XUSB – MusiX DE

Recording Bliss There was a time when the recording process called for lots and lots of expensive gear, which meant the average musician had to buy time at a recording studio-and uwb time was pricey indeed. How do you get all that music flying around your brain into your computer? SYSTEM 3K definitivno opravdava cijenu kako kvalitetom gitaa samih kutija pa sve do monstruozno jakog kvalitetnog zvuka. Now any signal source connected to the mixer can be recorded straight to your hard drive.


Which brings us to software…. Kartica je od aluminija. But applying compression is a delicate art that many novice, and even intermediate, sound techs have great difficulty mastering. Compression limits the dynamic range of a signal, lowering the level of loud sounds and turning up softer sounds to achieve sonic balance.

These state-of-the-art mic preamps are a tremendous step in the evolution of audio technology— and they can easily hold their own, even when compared to expensive, boutique-style mic preamps.

Premda scarlett mic treba napajanje. You also get more than virtual instruments behrihger 50 FX plug-ins, turning your computer into a complete home-based or mobile recording studio from input to output. Moj glas svakako ide Carvinu Davore Hvala na preporuci za kupnju Verse Audio D: Tu bi dao “prvu titara Carvinu Which brings us to software One-Knob Compression Ask professional sound engineers what their favorite piece of external processing gear is and the majority response will be virtually unanimous-dynamic compression.