Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. It was originally developed as a plug-in for the GIMP , but later became a more general tool for use by other programs and operating systems macOS and Windows. A consequence of this design is that the print quality is not specified in resolution alone, but via a “resolution mode” quality setting up to 5 quality settings available at a time. It may be installed alongside Gutenprint 5. However, there were still some problems with that release, and we did one more release 4. When Apple introduced Mac OS X, it omitted printer drivers, claiming that it was the printer manufacturer’s task to produce these. The name Gutenprint recognizes Johannes Gutenberg , the inventor of the movable type printing press.

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The interim stable release was to become Gimp-Print 4. New as of July 30, !

New as of June 17, ! It is currently available in source form.


Borderless selection, added in version 5. We continued to move toward 5.

In addition, new printers were being shipped with additional inks that we couldn’t handle very well. This release offers gutenorint support for Epson Stylus Pro printers, along with some changes for other Epson printers and support for additional Canon inkjets and PCL laser printers over 5. The command to unpack this file is tar xjvf gutenprint A Macintosh installer package may be made available later; the Macintosh continues as a supported platform for Gutenprint.


Please send me a message if you are interested in being involved.

Downloading File /Sources/Gutenprint/gutenprintwinzip – GutenRIP™ – OSDN

The Epson backend is winrows active development; new printers, bug fixes and capability additions are contributed in each new release.

It may be installed alongside Gutenprint 5. In particular from our standpoint, many vendors had not updated printer drivers for OS X, and many did not want to update their drivers for older printers. I also expected that we would be ready to release Gimp-Print 4. In part due to all of the maintenance work on 4. I windws making what I know about it available for people who might want to make their printers do more than the OEM provides and learn about printer control.

You are not logged in. We finally did our first release candidate in Septemberover a year after we entered beta. I know Gutenprint has 1 dither algorithm that supports up to 3 sizes. Jan 31, Messages: I think it should be more easy to use especially for starters, I could not install the gutenprint winows matter how I tried.

This release, which has been under development for over four years, offers improved quality, greatly enhanced functionality, and support for many more printers than our previous version, Gimp-Print 4. Both with PSE and with Gimp.


I’ll work on a different method of making pdfs for file size reduction. Progress was slow; there were still quite a few API changes we felt we needed to make, and there were still serious quality problems with many printers.

Gutenprint Printer Drivers

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This section does not cite any sources. I’ve played in Photoshop since DOS days when it was first released so it would be hard to teach this old dog new tricks. Git access If you want to use the current development, you can clone the repository: Europe EU Printer Model: You can read the release notes and download it here.

It doesn’t spell very good either.

We spent most of the fall working on documentation, cleaning up bugs, and the like, and released Gimp-Print 4. The Hat likes this.