Gain access to What’s this? If you select color, you can also select a color theme. Please try again shortly. After the PIN is confirmed, the job is deleted. Use this feature to select which version of the Courier font you want to use. Proof and Hold To use the Proof and Hold option, the job-storage feature must be enabled. Click OK to accept all of the changes that are made in the Watermark Details dialog box.

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Move the cursor over the document preview image to change the cursor from an arrow to a gloved hand.

HP CM Color Multifunction Printer with Edgeline Technology User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Use this feature to configure the default paper size used for print jobs. Constraint messages are limited, and the underlying software architecture might accept some settings that are illogical or impossible for the device to perform. Asia Pacific and Oceania. Right-click a control and then click What’s this? If the print-driver setting is changed to a paper type that is not currently loaded in the device, a control-panel message appears that prompts you to load the selected paper type or select another tray.

The following figure shows the Finishing tab.

Any entry that is greater than the maximum limits of the width and height control is rounded down to the maximum valid entry, while any entry that is smaller than the minimum limits of the width and height control is rounded up to the minimum valid entry. Warranty withdrawn refurbished product: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: To make the settings take effect, click OK on the Device Settings tab. This group of settings is known as a print mode. The device assigns a number to each font and lists it on the PCL font list available from the Information menu.


The following table summarizes paper size limits for each paper-handling device. Print Page Borders sets a line around each page image on a printed sheet to help visually define the borders of each logical page.

Toggle between portrait and landscape page orientation by clicking the image. Select this option to download the TrueType font as a bitmap font.

To determine the latest version, compare the overall build number in parenthesis after the model name and the GPD number in the Driver Files: If you specify 0 secondsthe device waits indefinitely.

In most cases, the software program and the driver communicate so that the number of copies set in one location such as the software program appears in the other such as the driver.

Use this feature to specify whether cm8600 hear a sound when you touch the screen or press buttons on the control panel. At the end of this time, any users who are signed in to the device are automatically signed out.

Document options The Document Options group box contains the following controls:.

HP CM8060/CM8050 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology – Device Behavior menu

The multiple-original print mopy function is an HP-designed feature that produces multiple, collated copies from a single print job. Name Use the Name text box to type a new name for a custom paper np.


All settings center the watermark string within the page; the selection of a particular setting affects only the angle of the string placement. Output Options To use the Output Options control, an accessory output bin or optional finisher must be installed on the device.

Color Themes Edgelin Color Themes group box contains the following settings:. Select one of the following settings in edfeline PostScript Output Options drop-down menu:. Create a custom printing shortcut.

Both color-quality settings print jobs with the same black saturation level. Please wait while we process your request. If units are in millimeters, the custom paper-size range minimum is the limit rounded up to the nearest whole millimeter. When the size for which the document is formatted that is, the logical size differs from the target size, the preview image uses edgelinw dashed gray line to show the boundaries of the logical page in relation to the target page size.

Also, those with less than 2 h; cent colour so called ‘colour accents’ are simply charged at black-and-white rates.