I have to keep repeating what I’ve posted before! The last line is ok too. Though I don’t see any mention of iastor. Create the folder structure C: What is the make and model number of the computer?

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I do not believe that this driver will be part of the AMD all in 1 drivers. Retrieved from ” https: I always install the chip drivers right after installing the operating system.

Perhaps someone else can do some tests on that; I’ve already done enough XP installs in the last few days to last a lifetime This suggestion is not chipset dependant. It’s a P35 board with the ICH9 south bridge.

Enable ACHI on Intel ICH9 under Windows XP

Its their hardware and drivers that don’t seem to work with Microsoft’ OS. Thankfully this is easy; just run Code: According to the readme in the zipped files, http: I’m going to install XP 32 bit as well as Vista 64 bit on my new system in a few px.


Please let me know if this is not the issue that you are facing. I guess the XZVP.

Is there a way to create the f6 driver files to install ICH9 on Windows ? Windows Registry Editor Version 5.


Thanks for your reply. Before proceed with troubleshooting, I need some information.

First, sxta computer is my own build. AudioDoc Replied on November 26, You will now have an. Create a folder called OS on your hard drive C: Many of the posts I’ve found using intel boards show a sata controller in the device manager, and in one of them they are creative a new dual channel controller for which they update the driver to the ahci one.

The bios can be swiched from one mode to the other, but can’t be set for each drive individually.

Etactiks: How to inject SATA drivers (AHCI) after XP installation.

The message I get is” “The specified location does not contain info lch9 your device”. Please do not post these instructions on any other site.


Pages with syntax highlighting errors Templates. Extract the file from iastor-sata-i Board index All times are UTC. What is the make and model number of the computer?

For the last one, being the INF driver I copied the extracted drivers in the temp folder while the installer was running as there were no way of extracting them, just like the SATA ones.

DD’s post on November 25, In that regard XP is looking pretty good! Sorry this didn’t help. How satisfied are you with this reply?

Create the folder structure C: What files should I integrate with nLite?