I would suggest using a pass-thru query, following these steps. In fact we have decided not to sell any licence for such use. Email Required, but never shown. Thanks a lot to all for your great help. No changes on the network or any server. When troubleshooting these errors, the Division of Biostatistics created a script to connect to an SQL Server experiencing the timeout error.

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sql server – Connection timeout in ODBC – Stack Overflow

This is intermitent however as sometimes it can print within 20 seconds and print the invoice fine. Time out property set to 0 secs so it means infinity. Now we are no longer servicing the said client after making full refund to them. How to create a composite unique index not as a primary key in MS Access It’s very funny really.

What client are you using to run the queries i. What else have i tried -Checked Event Viewer for any issues.

How can I troubleshoot timeout expired errors in Microsoft SQL Server?

Does changing the driver from sql driver to oledb driver help to solve the timeout? This often happens to Change oodbc timeout for a pre-built query. I also tried logging the user in on MY computer and her profile does a timeout.


In fact we have decided not to sell any licence for such use.

I would say for less urgent usage like office applications MsSQL might still be usable but for a mission-critical usage like a pos system where there is a constant stream of customers, MsSQL is not recommended. How to easily get a list of field names in MS Access.

To disable the time-out, set the value to 0. Greg Puetz provided the sample output, which has been changed to remove specific computer names. The remote query timeout option specifies how long, in seconds, a remote operation can take before SQL Server times out. I have tried all servee recommendations made on MS sites to overcome the error but they all ssrver. You can’t delete your own topics. For ADO, use this code to change timeout value: Other users at IU continue to srver similar timeout errors.

timfout For example, will make this query to timeout in seconds if it does not complete after runs for seconds.

What version of SBS are you referring to?


This server is not part of the domain. The timeout expired happen when trying to execute an Insert statement which has a select statement i.

Configure the remote query timeout Server Configuration Option

Any way, I will try and tell you. Monday, November 8, Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical computer professional community.

I cannot find it in Win This value can be changed at three different levels.

I don’t know about Microsoft. How to do transaction based processing in MS Access. Now a week later it is just as bad as it was; i checked and OneCare was still off so as a precaustion i completely uninstalled OneCare. You can’t post events. Timeout messages can be misleading, but maybe you could rule out a query timeout by increasing your query’s ODBC timeout property from the default 60 seconds to a larger value.

To fix the problem, the customer even upgraded the server hardware but to no effect.