02 adds a syntax highlighting viewer and a backup utility. Keep the clock of your PC, or even your whole LAN, synchronized to the correct time with iTimeSync. This can be done manually, with no configuration needed, by simply running the program and pressing “Correct”. Alternatively, iTimeSync can also be set to automatically synchronize any minutehourday period andor can be run as a Windows Service so it runs automatically and transparently in the background.

iTimeSync supports both the TIME (RFC-868) and the SNTP (RFC-2030) protocols. Additionally, iTimeSync can even sync from another copy of iTimeSync on different computer as it can be used as a TIME or SNTP server over a LAN. While servers names are included, this list can be easily changed, for example, to servers that are closer to your locality or to a local server on your LAN.

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What about the local community. Will 334 be consequences for such actions. These are just some of the tough decisions you will have to make in order to become the world’s leading venture capitalist.

Features: Cross-platform network play. 3 levels of computer opponents. 4 game variations: Original, Safety Violation, Defunct Companies and Urban Renewal.

Osk is a mediocre genealogy program that allows users to create basic family trees. Although it works, its lack of features and some functional problems left us unimpressed. The program’s interface is basic and intuitive enough, allowing users to add people and associate them with other 3443 members.

There’s plenty of room to add information about each person, including video, images, and sound.


However, when it came time to actually view the family tree, we were 3433 impressed with the results. Although the program offers four formats for family trees, they ranged from confusing to downright nonsensical.

There is a Help button, but clicking it does absolutely nothing, which furthered our frustration.

Also frustrating was the fact that clicking on a person’s name within a certain context–an action that one would intuitively expect to open that person’s details–resulted in an error message and the program crashing.

We tried this repeatedly, and got the same result every time. (At least it’s consistent. ) 3443, between the weird family tree layouts, lack of Help file, and error messages, we don’t see much to recommend this program.

It’s fairly basic by design, but can’t seem to manage even what it’s designed to do. Osk has a 30-day trial period. It comes as a ZIP file but installs and uninstalls without issues.

We do not recommend this program; there are many other genealogy programs that are more functional and effective.

Sponsored Update Your Software Get the latest features from your software. Download NowDownload Now Publisher’s Description From Studlar Software: Osk allows you to work with genealogy information way.

Keep track of friends, family, celebrities, and any other information that you want to keep track of. Some Features are: Full unicode support, Universal Binary, Uses multiple cpus if available, Create family trees, export them as pictures, and then export your information as a Web site, Makes it easy to handle difficult information about people.

pdfMachine is a multifeatured program that allows users to convert documents into PDF files with a variety of extra options.


Unfortunately, although the actual conversion is quick and easy, we found the rest of the features quite unintuitive. We tried several times to review this program and kept putting it aside, thinking that it wasn’t making sense because we were tired or distracted or otherwise mentally unprepared to deal with it. We finally came to the conclusion that the problem wasn’t with us.

The program’s interface looks nice enough, with a sleek design and attractive graphical buttons.

We found it easy to create PDF files by printing directly to the program’s virtual printer, but editing PDF files was another matter entirely. We found ourselves searching through menus trying to find the options we were looking for, and in many cases not having much luck at all.

Some of the features, like the drawing tools and sticky notes, seemed like they would be quite useful, but we never were able to locate them within the program.

The program’s built-in Help file describes its features, but doesn’t actually offer instructions for finding and using them.

We spent a lot of time searching and being frustrated, and not much time editing our PDF.

Although pdfMachine has the potential to be really useful, in the end it’s just too difficult to use.