Sandy bridge was and still is an amazing platform! AORUS implements an array of audio technologies to bolster the audio experience of our motherboards to audiophile level quality. Got the latest drivers yesterday , made no difference! That rig had an unknown audio chipset from which I used after using a C-Media for a year, it was kinda of a pain. Well, if you care to click “specs” under my avatar, you will find out , and I don’t think 1GB of ram is enough, but for some people it’s fine

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How to identify which model of Realtek HD Audio I have | TechPowerUp Forums

Just about any external DAC, with a low impedance headphone amplifier, should be better then whatever is built in the Yoga 2.

However, something about the CH6 didn’t feel right, I can’t really explain what it was though. This gigabyte board is my first experience with them and i’m very very happy. I’m wondering if ALC is inferior to ALC is basically what I am asking, and their various implementations on motherboards with various configurations.

I’ll try this solution next time hope not. Post 2 of Well, if you care to click “specs” under my avatar, you will find outand I don’t think 1GB of ram is enough, but for some people it’s fine I haven’t gotten one yet, that’s why I’m researching. Any other tech support posts will be removed at moderator discretion.


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This is what I wanted to know. To reply this comment, please login. Depending on the impedance and quality of your headphones you might want an amp. I’m about as concerned about RGB on motherboards as I am for statistics on who at doughnuts for soud.

Yes, I agree that on paper Realtek is great. Realtek alcs driver windows 7.

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The strix bf gaming board review is listed onboare and is worth looking at if you are interested. Joined Jul 25, Messages 4, 1.

Copypasta articles sourced from other websites are not allowed. Forums New posts Search forums. Drivers For Free software scans your computer for missing and outdated drivers. Honestly it really doesn’t matter what specific realtek model is in qlc – It’s crap if you use it for anything other then digital out. Yes, my password is: Glorious 15 fps while playing diablo 3, haha. The bit audio does make a difference over the previous ALC solution onboarc I was using.

If the post lacks a summary comment, it will be removed. With Asrock I never tried anything on my personal rigs, but I worked with a lot of older boards during my internship on a pc hardware shop.


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onboaed Few days ago i followed the Sound Troubleshooting Guide below. In this subreddit, we discuss and share news, rumors, ideas, and knowledge relating to AMD, their hardware and software products, and the silicon industry.

Utilizing in-game sound gives you a tactical advantage and with AORUS Audio, you can outplay your opponents more consistently! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Nov 29, at 9: I usually use an interface on all of them because it’s more convenient but I wouldn’t have any problems with the on board if I have to fall back to it for some reason.

My card died in the great voltage shortout known as my own stupidity going with an offbrand PSU. That’s an A58M-E ALCone of the files was loopback aka played with its dac and recorded with its adc and the other is the original file.