It’s just been a frustrating season, a tough one that’s tried to bring us down and there really hasn’t been too much to be excited about this year. The sanctioning body is on eggshells. I at one time had more cars that didn’t run than did run, so that was one of those things that made me a redneck. The backlash over the lack of drama after Keselowski led laps forced Speedway Motorsports Inc. The media is on eggshells. For people who have been around a long time, that’s kind of what we’ve been missing with old No.

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It’s a shame people are so wound up about everything that they lose sight of ffoxworthy. So I’m not sure racing and entertainment kind of go in the same piece. But the fans really connect when we get out of the car and do things like what Tony did last weekend.

NASCAR – Jeff Foxworthy is right, everyone needs to lighten up

The backlash over the lack of drama after Keselowski led laps forced Speedway Motorsports Inc. You don’t work [this] hard all year to suffer along through a season and miss the Chase.

Maybe they live vicariously that emotion is some way.

Everybody wants to see good racing and a competitive finish, but everybody — whether people admit or not–likes to see wrecks and guys go over the edge. They were cheering like heck for me to go up the track and do something awesome, or at least it was awesome in their eyes. foxworhty


In one respect I sympathize for Kyle Busch not being in the Chase or not being in [yet]. Look, if you can’t laugh at yourself, it’s going to be a miserable life for you.

It’s not like one play is a bad play and you go on to another play. And I say that as a compliment to him and his team. Who has been the best and worst in the Premier League? But, I sympathize [because] I know I’m not immune to it.

And I’ve heard that’s a fine. The Heisman revenge factor for Alabama Oklahoma Sooners. Maybe the race will be like it was in August, when tempers flared and the slide move created drama that equaled the excitement of the old bump-and-run. It gets boring if you don’t stir the pot once in a while. You can’t make that stuff up. No love lost for booing Minnesota fans Minnesota Timberwolves.

More by Jeff Foxworthy

NFL coaching candidates we’d hire: UFC Cheat Sheet: He kind of knew how to keep the pot stirred a little bit. Tony Stewart tossed his helmet into the hood of Matt Kenseth ‘s car after they wrecked on Lapthen boldly said, “I’m going to run over him every chance I’ve got from now ’til the end of the year.

Rookie uprising 1d ESPN. You’ve seen ‘Swamp People? Voxworthy the craziness nasvar often comes with Bristol will make everyone forget the problems the sport faces. Free Newsletters Get the best of autoweek. We’re inside the car and limited to our physical emotions and body language driving the car.


You might be a redneck if you think the purse for Sunday’s Sprint Cup race at BMS is something a burglar might snatch from your wife.

We want to make the Chase and we want to go out there and race for a championship and make circles for a reason and make circles for wins and what-have-you. But I haven’t started to think about how I’ll feel if I bascar make it. What’s different for Notre Dame after title-game collapse? The sport could use comic relief to stop fans from being so critical of the racing to the point it toxworthy NASCAR and drivers on edge.

NASCAR drivers (and Jeff Foxworthy) say the darndest things

In another, he’s such a threat that in some ways it’s a dodged bullet if he doesn’t make it. The sanctioning body is on eggshells. You might be a redneck if you think Tennessee’s French Broad River is a resort area off the coast of France.