Case 2 Do you mean WEP? Admin September 18, at Case 1 Do you mean WPA? Build from Jul 31 Admin May 29, at 6: Does this mean it is faulty? All in all thanks for your time.

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Just enter it without the semicolons. I understood that after k – k unique ivs you are “safe” to start the manouver. Im using “mac keeper” to uninstall it. I reinstalled the kismac 0.

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Broken June 2, at 6: Try uninstalling without unload it first and you’ll see what I mean. The most obvious one is a very low traffic network. Would i get some advantages getting the next trunk or this just works for the Lion people? Ihad success with kismac and cracked a wifi. Console and system log doesnt show anything strange related to kismac If the active driver is installed it scans my networks and growl shows notifications as they are detected.

I instantiatd to reply. Newer Post Older Post Home. I deselected, uninstalled, deleted the plist and reboot the mashaine before testing with the passive driver.


I have not detected what is the exact signal border, but i have some ranges: I really dont know wats going on here, maybe im doing something wrong?

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Sorry in advance if I have blatantly missed the post with the answer. Furthermore, you’ll be able to switch bit without going through Terminal. The only found plist was instanntiate.

I have tested the injection and several green dots apear. The question remaining is: Thank you in advanced! No Sarcasm will be needed as you’ve done your part. I don’t understand the “unload” part.

I sometimes play dumb and leave my router “on” but not connected. Me August 3, at 9: There is a “Search” for the blog on the top left corner. The driver will be loaded at boot, so you’ll have to unload the lismac when using KisMAC.

One of the two will be used.

KisMAC Airport Extreme Passive Mode (R75)

Does this mean it is faulty? So thanks again admin!! Potential problems – Distance solved because I installed the drivers of the Awush on a Windows and I can’t see the specific network, I even tried to join it using it’s name – MAC filtering, even using spoof I can not join the network Do you have any idea ;?


UQ2AWUSH that works nicely when I have the mac in 32bits after a hefty installation as I’m not awesome at these things ; but when I start kismac, having added the drivers from the kismac driver tab i get this on the console a long list of vendors and then this: The main question here is With “25” of signal strenght, kismac is unable to load the driver With “60” of signal strenght, kismac is able to load the driver and start the passive scan I selected the active driver to check the signal strenght.

Sara September 27, at Build from Jul 31 Thank you for your help, I promised I kisamc a lot google help, and this website, but I am not good at all about all command stuffs.