Type in the user ID up to 63 characters. Default Function Permission Specify whether to allow the print function. Type in the domain name up to characters. Once you have pressed ok and logged out of the browser your copier should have an address stored in the scans section of the copier. Select the density for the numbers that are printed.

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File Name Select to notify the file name. The User Box screen appears.

Using TWAIN Scan

For details, refer to “Time adjustment settings” on page You will then be in the Address Book. Konca in the printer location up to characters.

Touch [OK], and then touch [OK] in the next screen that appears. Select whether to use the WINS function. For “2 User Setting”, press the [2] key in the keypad. If “priv-password” is selected, enter both passwords.

Status The NetWare status can be verified. Scanning Documents Press to register the desired copy settings as a pro- gram or to recall a registered copy jinolta. Note If user authentication is enabled, a page for entering the user name and password appears before you can operate the machine. Set the items that appear through direct input or by selecting from the drop-down list.


Separate Scan For specifying the file name, refer to “Specifying e-mail ,inolta on page Page Scanned settings from the control panel Touch [Close].

How to setup SMB scanning on the Konica Minolta Bizhub copier to scan to a Windows Share

Write Community Name Specify the write community name. Page Page – Logging on to administrator mode Page Page Page – User authentication user mode Page – Checking the user registration informati Learn more about the utilities.

Ping Tx Address To clear all values, press the [C] clear key. The Administrator mode page appears.

Note The number of characters that can be input in the default value may vary depending on the function that was selected.

Detail To specify a kinolta box name, boxes must be registered in advance.

Scanner driver for reading image data from bizhub and scanning the data into application software supporting TWAIN. Printer Number Sets the printer number.

Cheers and please make an offer. The Password screen appears.


Konica Minolta bizhub C252 Network Scanner Operations

Windows 10 S Support Information. To activate all network setting changes, turn the main power off and then back on. When turning the main power switch OFF then ON, wait for 10 seconds or longer before turning it ON again; otherwise the copier may not function normally. Error” parameter, refer to the User manual [Copy Operations]. Check the information and change it as necessary. Page Copy the issued certificate information and paste in the text.

Page Basic operation Click the appropriate tab and select the function from the menu on the left. The Printer Location screen appears. Machine Hard disk bizhub C The user password is set. Ftp Tx Enter the proxy server port number input range: