ProMotion Windows NT 3. S3 Speed Up Version 3. Silicon Motion Lynx Family display driver V4. XP didn’t even see that one, I think. Cirrus Logic GDx – Windows 3. MCI Videodisc drivers for Windows 3. Trident VLB Windows 3.

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Trident release drivers for Win 3. S3 Savage Win 3. Regarding the ATI card: Matrox Imaging Library 7.

What to do with this ATI Mach64 PCI? – Ars Technica OpenForum

S3 Savage3D Win9x driver ver 6. Chromatic Mpact 2 W9x 1.

I’m curious if a Matrox card would be something good for this What card did you then go to? S3 Savage4 Windows 3. Trident Windows drivers release C3.

Any chance this thing could run as a secondary video card under XP? MCI Videodisc drivers for Windows 3. Mon Jan 21, 6: Number Nine Revolution3D v Sun Jan 20, 8: I have an ATI Mach 64 macg64.


Voodoo Graphics Driver Kit 3. Number Nine Revolution 4 v Gainward Dragon 3Dfx Voodoo xo Ver 1. Sun Jan 20, XP didn’t even see that one, I think.

AMD ATI Technologies Inc. mach64 CT PCI drivers for Windows XP x86

Orchid Righteous 3D v1 Disk 1. SiS Win9x driver ver 1.

Or did you just give up on the secondary display stuff? Jun 24, Posts: Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. Tseng ET Windows 3.

Anyway, it should be useable as a secondary card, assuming you can get XP drivers for it; I guess it’s old enough that XP should have some kind of “legacy” support for it. Cardex Dragon Driver Disk. Savage Driver Collecton. I may be wrong, but isn’t before PCI?

VOGONS Vintage Driver Library

Windows Display Drivers Library Disk 2. ATi mach32 version 2.

Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. Chrontel Mpact2 Win9x driver From Banshee to Voodoo5. S3 Savage4 Win9x driver ver 8.