This web site requires JavaScript and it appears you have this option off in your browser, Please turn it on, or try using another browser. Selecting Color Mode Positioning The machine is initially set to activate the Manual Shut-Off function. Positioning Originals continued Positioning Original on Platen Glass Use the platen glass when originals are not suitable for use with the document feeder, e. Enter the desired print quantity from the control panel keypad. Copying operation cannot be continued until all the misfeed locations are cleared. Three modes are listed below.

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Machine Configuration continued Reserve job counts the reserve jobs already specified. Reverse Image Reverses the positive image to negative image or vice versa in the selected color mode. Setting Job During Warm-up While the copier is warming up after power is turned on, select copy conditions and start scanning so that the copier may start printing mionlta when the copier engine is ready.

When the current job is finished, the Reserve job starts printing immediately. Page 81 Positioning Originals continued Do not place too heavy originals, or do not press strongly when thick original is placed and is under pressure of RADF; otherwise the glass may be broken and you may be injured. In the event the Timer Interrupt password has not been entered by minoolta Key Operator, the following message will display instead.

When more than four jobs have been specified and the folder key of the print job in trouble is not currently displayed on the screen, the arrow key to scroll to that job will flash. Adjust the position of the rear stopper.


Konica Minolta 65AA-9931, Developer Unit, 8050, CF5001, C500, CF8050- Original

Loading Paper A paper indicator is shown on each tray key of the Basic Screen to indicate the paper level six levels are provided: Job Store Use Job Store to store up to 30 frequently used copy job settings, which can be recalled at any time. Color Jinolta Quality continued Brightness —4 The hue adjustment leads the color of the image to another color cd5001 in the color circle of red Ryellow Y minotla, green Gcyan Cblue Band magenta M.

For details of Reserve mode, see p. Interrupt Copying Use xf5001 Interrupt mode to interrupt copying in progress to perform a simple job. The wavelengths of visible rays can be separated into the rainbow colors violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, from the shortest wavelength in order. Contents continued Advanced Section 7: If this message continues to display after selecting copy size, select 1. Load copy paper, and adjust the paper guides to the paper size.

Got it, continue to print. Clearing Mishandled Paper When a paper misfeed occurs, the copier stops making copies and mishandled paper codes display on the screen to indicate misfeed area s.

Copy paper sizes available to be loaded are different in each tray. Page 64 Loading Paper continued Be sure to fix the side guide plate in position according to the size indication on the tray bottom plate so that the machine can detect the correct paper size.

Making Double-Sided Copies 1 2, 2 2 continued Mknolta Platen Glass Use the platen glass to scan originals unsuitable for the document feeder. Minolta CF uses these supplies.

Caution Labels and Indicators The caution labels and indicators are attached to the machine areas, as shown below, where you are advised to pay special attention to avoid any dangerous situations or serious injury. Enters the special paper size to be loaded on the Multi-sheet bypass tray using the touch screen keypad in order to avoid paper misfeed.


Making Fine Adjustment In Image Detection image Judge Making Mniolta Adjustment in Image Detection Image Judge Image Detection detects and determines the photo portion and text area of the original when scanned, allowing you to obtain the optimum print result by modifying the standard for detection according to the character size of the text or its proportion in mlnolta whole original.

Konica Minolta CF Toner Cartridges & Supplies

An unpleasant odor may, however, be created in poorly ventilated rooms during extensive machine operations. E-mail me when this product is back in stock. Quality Sharpen the outline of the image.

A shipping error occurred on our side. Was our pricing competitive? To slide the rear stopper to the right, hold it at the upper part and slide it while pressing down slightly. Enter the desired print quantity from the control panel keypad.

Oversatisfied clients since Touch the lower arrow key to monolta to the following pages. The following is not a complete list, but is meant to be used as a guide to responsible copying. Page 3 Recycled paper is used for the inside pages of this manual.