In addition, our smart data-reclocking system ensures there is virtually no audio-damaging jitter imparted to the signal. I think Meridian and Marantz were the first to offer CD players of very high quality. As usual, I focussed on the power supplies, DAC and signal path, utilizing better quality parts and greater attention to bypassing and decoupling. We’ve been making top-performance digital-to-analogue converters since the early days of CD. That there was a difference is not surprising but I do not know how one can draw much meaning from it. Stereophile enthusiastically reviewed the M1, with Sam Tellig stating:

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Kingko Audio and Omega. I would love to hear MF’s take on the issue. My preferences in terms of listening to the M1 DAC were very nearly a toss-up between USB and Toslink the latter having a slightly more appealing edge fideloty the former added a bit more weight and resonance.

While I have heard it at Trade Shows, I could not offer any useful comparisons since there are too many variables involved. Are discussed in the review.

The M1 DAC is a piece of kit that can transform your system. Overall, music is presented in a convincingly portrayed stage with a very distinct separation of sonic elements regardless of size or complexity of source material.

There are also some minor changes to the choke-filtered power supply but for those users who skip the USB input, the M1 DAC is mueical nearly its old self. I’d also suggest that this perception varies somewhat depending on the input: For its very modest asking price when released, you got a lotta DAC for the money.


Jitter is extremely low.

I also listened to the Coax input with j1 sourced from my MacBook Pro using the Musical Fidelity V-Link and while I do not see this added device and expense as a realistic option, it did serve to show that I again preferred ripped music to spinning disc.

Soulution — a Swiss amp goes for a Highland fling. I dav referencing Figure 1 of the Measurements section of the first review. The M1s ability to unravel musical complexities is a pleasure to partake in and perhaps one of its most compelling features. The Bigger Better Picture That said, I can very well imagine some listeners being enthralled, yes enthralled, by the M1s sense of clarity, speed and focus.

Pros Very well built Lots of inputs Balanced outputs Solid performer, excellent mhsical Great value.

The upsampling process uses buffers and mathematical processes to step the incoming signal up to a higher sample frequency, thus shifting the noise to a frequency that is much higher than that of the audio band, and therefore easier to filter without doing as much damage to the original signal. Quick of Tempo Distribution, the exclusive North American importer for Musical Fidelity and others, an email asking for a brief executive overview of their reasons for upsampling: Online and through Authorized Dealers Price: Recording of January A wonderfully musical sounding DAC, and one that offered many hours of pure enjoyment.


Dac Musical Fidelity M1

Log in or register to post comments. Notable for its complacency was the then-prominent British hi-fi company Quad. For comparison, my old Musical Fidelity A3 24 has a switch for 92K or K upsampling and I have never been able to hear a real difference, but that might just be my old ears. Things sound clean, lively and as snappy as the music demands.

Life, Love, Songs, and Pianos. Such an accurate, low-noise approach has not gone unnoticed. The reaons for upsampling to kHz In addition, our smart data-reclocking system ensures there is virtually no audio-damaging jitter imparted didelity the signal. Unfortunately I was not able to pass the M1 DAC kHz data for the reasons stated in the review so I cannot speak to any audible difference between that and lower resolutions.

Musical Fidelity M1 DAC |

It is a few years old, but is still often cited about this topic. Thanks to such an attitude among Quad and many others, audiophiles were left with cost-ineffective modified players, or kludges. Related Latest Reviews Recommended. But with the M1 is looks like the KHz signals doesn’t do that.